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Located in Hunt Valley, Maryland, Shawan Downs is a beautiful property that has gone from being a small piece of a historic working farm to a first-class equestrian center. Home to the Legacy Chase, Shawan Downs maintains its rich historic and agricultural heritage while bringing entertainment to the region. Shawan Downs came to fruition thanks to the vision of a dedicated few who believe in the tradition of the sport and the celebration of the land. Once their vision was realized, it created an energy within the community to be a part of this unique property. This community known as the Life Founding Members have made this equestrian park possible.


The Legacy Chase is the flagship equestrian event taking place at Shawan Downs.  Our goal is to bring together elite horses and gifted riders to showcase the graceful intensity of steeplechase racing for the Maryland community.  Putting together top tier purses with our beautiful track and landscape, we believe we can raise the bar for Steeplechasing around the country.  We provide food vendors, retail vendors, live music, and other customer experiences to encourage those unfamiliar with the sport to bring their families and friends to a truly pastoral experience.  They may not start out as race spectators but they certainly leave as them.  

Douglas Lees


Historically, proceeds from The Legacy Chase go toward the Greater Baltimore Medical Center and the Land Preservation Trust.  GBMC is a backbone of the Baltimore health community and has provided some form of service to nearly all Baltimore County residents.  The Land Preservation Trust is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving Baltimore County agricultural land from further development.  The beauty of the Greenspring Worthington Valley and the agriculture produced in it are integral to the Baltimore County community pride and provides us with such a spectacular setting for equestrian events.  


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